Stained teeth can reduce someone’s confidence and self-esteem. Professional whitening in a dentist’s office can be costly to have performed and is the main reason many people avoid having it performed. It’s possible to Whiten your teeth at home through the use of various products available on the market today. There are teeth whitening kits and strips that are 100% safe to use and can cost less than professional whitening at a dentist’s office. These products include natural ingredients so there’s never a need to worry about harmful chemicals entering the body. Whiter teeth can give someone a more youthful appearance and increase their confidence levels.

The cause of stained teeth can be from a variety of things. Foods that are commonly eaten can contribute to the staining. Cola is acidic and contains chromogen which will darken the teeth. Soy sauce, as well as tomato and curry sauces, can all contribute to the darkening or staining of the teeth. Berries, sweets, and coffee are other culprits that will prevent having beautiful, white teeth.

Whitening kits can include trays that fit over the teeth, gels that are applied to the teeth, LED accelerators, and whitening pens. A new product on the market is a swab that provides a foaming action cleaning to whiten the teeth. These are very simple to use and take five minutes before effects on the teeth begin to show. These swabs require more frequent applications but deliver four shades of whiter teeth after five days of use. Results will last for approximately four to six months.

Trays that include LED lights to improve the whitening processing are available on the market. These can limit the amount of peroxide in the ingredients. Idol White includes glycerin and peppermint oil in order to improve the taste of the product. This type of whitening system is easy to use, and you can learn more at this site about them. The various whitening strips on the market produce various results. One brand should only be used for slightly stained teeth.

Someone with very yellow teeth will need to consider a different product for the same results. There’s a website located at go to this site that offers terrific information about the various products available on the market and the results of each product. Understanding the length of time it takes to obtain the whitening desired and the difficulty or ease of each product to use can be found there. If you’re interested in improving your smile and self-esteem, please feel free to click here.